Adding Yogurt on Your Every Day Plan!

Even after you try every variety of yogurt on the store you will never get bored with them. Bottom line is that you just need to be careful on choosing the brand that served yogurt as it is, read the label to see and calculate what’s inside of the cup and then reflect on how well your body react. One brand that you can refer on to get the appropriate amount of served is YUMMY yogurt variety. They offer with various kind of taste, plain one, fruits varieties, or you are the Greek yogurt style, you can try on and then decide later which one is your style.

Here let me share some tips and tricks to add yogurt on your every day meal plan as part of healthy food menu plan for your diet also

  1. The texture and taste, make yogurt as a perfect dip. Use yogurt to replace mayo or sour cream in your snacking time for your veggie dip, nachos time or in other favorite recipes.

  2. A yogurt salad menu! Make your tuna salad with yogurt replacing the mayo, or egg with yogurt will go super good as a to go lunch sandwich filling.

  3. A cheat to thicken a soup or stew. To make it whisk a little cornstarch or flour into yogurt (about 1 tbsp/ 15mL per cup/ 250 mL) and gradually whisk it into simmering pot. Cook, whisking for a couple minuets to get creamy texture as you liked.

  4. Swiss Muesli for breakfast: stir together yogurt (if you on diet plan, stick to the plain the better rules), muesli cereal or granola and shredded apple. Cover and refrigerate overnight then add honey to taste and topped with fruits, sprinkle with chopped almonds or hazelnuts, happy breakfast!

Try it out and you’ll surprise how good is yogurt!

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